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How SOPs will help Franchisee Business?

The ‘Standard Operating Procedure’ document, known as SOP’s in general, is the most effective tool used for streamlining a business. A well-planned SOP manual helps in standardizing procedures and assures uniformity in achieving operational targets. The onus lies on the franchisor to provide the SOP manual to the franchisees to ensure every activity follows the guidelines and the desired outputs qualify the quality standards of the franchisor’s brand.

In layman’s term, this manual enlists the tasks and activities undertaken for running the business, procedures to conduct the tasks and the person responsible for completing those tasks. SOP is regarded as the ‘backbone’ of the organization’s procedure and play a pivotal role in inspiring the profit figures, enhancing productivity and to attract customer footfalls. It becomes easier for the franchise to execute their daily business as per the SOP, as a result of which customer satisfaction and quality of deliverables never take a hit. Some of the secondary benefits have been listed below:


SOPs shall bring standardization

For managing your daily/repetitive tasks effectively, an SOP in place makes it easy for everyone to know the standard policies, practices, and procedures followed in the enterprise. From a trainee to an expert, anyone can refer to the SOP to get their job done in the most appropriate way.


SOPs shall help build your brand

SOP’s constantly pushes your employees to attain your business objectives. A manual helps to uphold your reputation in terms of the quality of your products and services from wherever you operate. It derives your USP which in turn helps you to create your own brand.


SOPs shall help you give value for your franchise fees

If you look at the long-term objectives, having an SOP helps you to recover your ‘franchise fees’ which you have given to the franchisor. This is possible only because SOP drives your employees to follow the manuals/instructions which in turn help you to save money on non-productive expenses over the years.


SOPs shall ease your franchisee business expansion

If you have the ambition to expand your business, SOP can make your dream come true! SOP’s can make your work process portable which helps you to expand your business without losing your market share.


SOPs will help your Franchisee manage business effectively

With a well-crafted SOP in place, it minimizes the load on the franchisee and helps to concentrate on the ‘actual’ job. As you start to replicate the operational activities as per the SOP manuals, you tend to have a positive control on your business and it’s more effective.


SOPs will bring standardization across all your Franchise units

Documentation of your internal job processes help you in standardizing the quality of output. It acts as a guide which ensures all your products are created the same way, from start to finish. There is a uniformity maintained by your production facilities which help the consumer to identify your brand, even without reading the sticker!


SOPS will bring stability in business and avoid failure due to mis-management

If you are following an SOP, you can be sure of minimal failures due to mismanagement. An SOP defines every operational activity in a business and therefore omits the chances of confusions, wrong-doings or activities which can hamper or ‘destabilize’ the management activity.

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