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Franchise Business Plan

Should You Take Franchising Route?
How Profitable It Shall Be?

The journey of an entrepreneur is not easy as business is a game of uncertainty and the dynamics keep changing every passing day. The success of the business is highly dependent on the crucial decisions are taken in favor of the business. Whether or not to take the plunge into ‘franchisee route’ is 1 of questions which always looms in the mind of a person while starting his business.

Business Plan shall decide the profit sharing ratio between franchisor & franchisee. Designing your business plan is the first step towards taking the franchising route.

For the newbie’s and starters, franchising lets you own your business alongside aligning with a brand name. To some extent, the risk factor is minimal if compared to a ‘start-up’ venture as you have a ‘continued’ back-up from the franchise in tuning your business. Secondly accumulating funds is a bit easy as the franchise business model is directly related to financial projection and experience. For financial institutions, this is a safer bet than a ‘start-up’ as they are already aware of the franchisor’s current financial status along with the future targets. Although franchisor plays an important part, drafting a franchise business plan holds the key to the fort! A well-written business plan highlights the expectation of the business along with managing the challenges in the process.

Business Plan Shall Include Defining the
Overall Business Strategy

  • Business Model Feasibility Analysis
  • Revenue Statement
  • Capital Investment
  • Sweat Equity Analysis
  • Cashflow & Breakeven Analysis
  • Franchisor Revenue Projections – 05 Years
  • Franchisee Revenue Projections – 05 Years
  • ROI Projections
  • Financial Planning (for Franchisor & Franchisee)
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