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Franchise Audits

How Audits Ensure Your Business Operations
Are On-Track?

Process Audit

Process Audit in any function or business plays a pivotal role in evaluating any discrepancy or malpractices performed by the franchisee. It acts as a control mechanism wherein the objective is to check if the franchisee is adhering to the SOP regarding how the daily operation of a business should function. For the auditors, it’s important to study the SOP to find any loopholes in the organization process and any transaction which has not followed the SOP procedure is a potential ‘red’ flag for the auditors which need to be cross-checked.

YFRC has streamlined and simplified this process and has made it more result-oriented task. Our simple yet robust audit processes ensure that none of the operational points has been compromised while suggesting the probable corrections which are required.

Mystery Shopping Audit

There are numerous ways through which you can keep an eye on how your business is functioning; both at the operational as well as market level. Mystery shopping is a way to evaluate the different aspects of the business and is a powerful tool for auditing purposes. The primary objective is to document customer’s experience vs the expectations or standards which have been talked about by the brand. This data is further shared with the auditors which help them in identifying the gaps in the processes and suggest the scope for improvements.

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