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Expansion Strategy

Type Of Expansion Modes

We have to decide the suitable strategy for expansion.
YFRC can help you develop strategies for any one or multiple expansion modes



Franchising can be described as a modern business process which blends the ‘originality’ of entrepreneurship while working with an existing brand name in the market. It is a rapidly growing business concept which involves 2 parties to collaborate and accelerate the business model. Often this concept is explained as “Franchising means working for yourself, but not by yourself”.

Master Franchising

In franchising, if you are looking for a bigger picture, then master franchising is the way. Master Franchise can develop their own franchise outlets or allot sub-franchisee. The Franchisor shall allot Master Franchise specific to region or area.

Channel Partnership

Partnering with new customers and sources is a powerful strategy to expand your network and increase customer base. Primarily, broadening up your market base helps to compete with rival organizations and pushing up the sales figures. A Channel Partner may be a distributor, retailer, dealer, or a vendor who is marketing and selling the manufacturer’s product through partnering relationship.


Distribution channels are a key component while defining your marketing strategy. You have to select the best distribution channel system via which your product reaches the customer’s hand. Your selection is based on what you are selling, your target audience, what are the requirements and finally how best to meet their needs in a competitive market. It’s vital to select your distribution channel, work with them and flourish together.


Dealership is also called as ‘product franchise’. Dealers have an on-going relationship with the manufacturer and are independent entrepreneurs. A dealer sells only to a retailer or a customer, and that’s a distinct feature of dealership business. Dealers don’t represent the parent company; they just sell their products and services and take their profit share accordingly.


This retail model has gained momentum in the recent few years. In this unique model, the retailer and the consumer brand both co-exist and create a common selling space. These special shops attract consumers which help to create large consumer brand. Often you see coffee shops having book stores within their premises, as both of them cater to their customers standing under the same mortar roof.

How YFRC Can Help You?

For an entrepreneur, every decision matters and therefore putting the best foot forward is the necessity of the hour. Choosing the correct expansion mode is mandatory as well as crucial to expand your business. Opting the right strategy is very important and here’s when YRC can guide you to success. YRC is a management consultancy firm with proven experience and expert professionals. Our expert professionals can advise you in deriving the expansion strategy which suits your business model.

YFRC consultancy puts forward all the expansion modes available for your business and highlights why this process is so important and how your business does gets benefitted by selecting the most appropriate expansion plan.

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